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Great News! Bob's Booger by Scott Black and illustrated by Margaret TerBush was included in The Los Angeles Times 2012 Summer Reading List. See why they chose it; online at:
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Bob's Booger Holiday Sale

 North Magazine Write-Up

Books, Boogers and Broccoli on page 15

 Current in Carmel & Fishers Article

Picking a Fight

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 INdy Style Interview

Check out Scott Black's interview on CBS affiliate WISHtv's INdy Style.

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 Bob's Booger

Check out our new book by Scott Black...

Book Cover

It's one of those days for Bob. He's not feeling well, but his mom is making him go to school anyway. Even worse, Bob must deliver homework to his best friend, Joe, who got to stay home! Oh, there's one more thing. Everyone seems to be staring . . . for some reason. Will anyone have the courage to tell him why? Bob's Booger is a story of honesty and friendship that will have kids giggling all the way to the tissue box!

 Bob's Travels

Click on the globe to see where Bob has already traveled!


 Crocheted Bob

Meet Crocheted Bob

Crocheted Bob' Booger Crocheted Bob's Booger Close Up

Crocheted Bob was created by the daughter of the Illustrator of Bob's Booger for donation to a school auction. Initially, she made him without a booger. But the art teacher that won the basket requested that she add one!

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