Broccoli Press is a small business. We wanted to take the time to recognize some other small companies doing big things.

Brinkman Press

Tom Brinkman started this company over 20 years ago. It speaks volumes for a small company to survive that long. He and his staff are very committed to excellence. In fact, Tom was an integral part in helping our project meet it's potential. His experience in the industry is one of the many assets he brings to the table.

Blossom Photography and Design

Toni Bailey photographed the art for Bob's Booger. We live in an age where it is affordable to have a nice camera, however you need to have an "eye" for it to be able to take great pictures. In viewing some of her work, it is evident that Toni possess this talent. Her work just looks beautiful framed, on a canvas and on greeting cards! So, enjoy higher quality snapshots with your nice camera kit from the warehouse store, but consider contacting Toni for some great portraits.

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