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We give an engaging and informative presentation about the process of writing and illustration to a wide range of ages.


For the preschool age we speak briefly about the "job" of author and illustrator. We show them each of the original illustrations and allow them to respond to each with a comment, description of what is happening in the picture or a prediction about the story. The book is read and then we take a few questions. Although, usually at this age we end up hearing about the "battle wounds" of the swingset!

Lower Elementary

For this age level of children, we talk about the process of writing and how what they are learning now is an integral part of that. We also have a power point that includes original sketches and takes them through the illustration process.

Upper Elementary

A little more detail is added about writing and illustrating, and we can also discuss the publication process, if desired.

Retail and Libraries

We will be prepared to adjust the presentation for the range of ages that attend. We can have a prepared craft of making a cut paper collage and/or give a brief power point presentation with a tablet computer.


Please contact with questions or for more information about scheduling a visit.

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